Aaron's inbox
From: Devin
To: Aaron
Time: 8:37pm
Subject: From your love

Hey Aaron,
I'm at the internet cafe downtown preparing for tonight's shift at 9 I probably won't be home until very late. Btw Mr. Wong said that you don't have to come in this weekend... Anyways I just wanted you to know that I won't be stopping by at home before work tonight. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages, I know it's only been like a day, but its too long, I miss you. You know I really feel that you should quit that stupid job of yours at Galaxy because it makes me really jealous just thinking about what you are doing there. I could ask Mr. Wong to give you some extra shifts so you can make up for the difference, I love you and I just can't stand and stop thinking about that. I really hope you can consider quitting. Oh, and also some cops came to the house yesterday and were asking for you, I told them you were out of the state for a while to cover up, but what the hell did you do? I really don't like finding out secrets like that, please tell me. I love you so much please don’t keep things from me. Anyways it's almost time for my shift, I got to go, love you! I’ll see you later tonight and we can fluff around a little bit ;D, bye! -Dev