Amelia's inbox
From: Laura
To: Gabriella
Time: 7:12pm
Subject: sunchips

Erika to Amelia
Hey Sis,
Sorry I missed your call, I was out walking again. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that the play I’ve been talking about for a while is actually getting produced. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m just not sure about the title. The working one is “My Mug Runneth Over.” But I’m just not sure yet. The producer, Rebecca, found a great lead for the part, apparently she even has a side job of being a Starbucks barista! How funny is that? The “mocha-java-your momma” scene is now a dance number, which already looks great from what I saw at the try-outs. You’re going to dinner at mom and dad’s on Saturday, right? I hope so! I’m bringing a copy of the script for everyone to look at. Well, I gotta make some phone calls. Bye, or as you always say, “au revoir”