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From: Ben
To: Savvy
Time: 7:18pm
Subject: About tonight

Dear Savvy:
Hey I just want you to know that I won’t be home tonight until very late, I’m about to get caught up with this horrible meeting with my printmaking teacher that doesn’t realize how unorganized he is while yelling at us for being slobs. I think I might get stuck wiping down all the pallet slabs and scraping dried paint those stupid freshman left there. I know, I know the new season of Six Feet Under premiers tonight but I can’t make it! I’m so sorry, you know it’s my favorite show but I just have to do this tonight or my teacher will kill me. So can you tape it for me? I’ll watch it with you when I get home. I got to run, I have to get a few drinks in me before I go and scrap paint off, err… I’ll see you later tonight! Love you, -Ben