Erika's inbox
From: Amelia
To: Erika
Time: 6:12pm
Subject: Bonjour

Bonjour, soeur!
I’m so happy for you! Yes I’ll be at dinner. I can’t wait to read the script. My girlfriend, Gabriella will be there on Saturday, too. I’m sorry this is so short, I have a lot to get done for classes. Oh! I can’t wait to show off the new coat I got!. You’ll love it!
Voyez-vous bientôt, aimez-vous

From: Laurie
To: Erika
Time: 4:04pm
Subject: Hey~

Hi hunnie,
I am so happy that you’ll be coming to dinner on Saturday! I’ve been cooking so much more recently! It feels nice to do something different, but ya know, I didn’t go to culinary school for nothing! Lol. Well Ms Big shot playwright girl, I’ll see you later!