Joseph 31
Him, Mort, and Merle have a design firm together. Formed the firm shortly after Mort received his masters in business. His son is Aaron. Formed a secret adobe cult with Scott. Scott and Joseph are secret lovers.

Scott Hall 46
Scott and Bill have a design firm, which competes with Mort and Joseph’s firm. Formed the secret adobe cult with Joseph. Has a tattoo of the cult’s symbol on his ankle.  Mort and Scott also dock their boats at the same marina. Xenia’s brother, Joann’s father. Scott and Joseph are secret lovers.

Xenia 47
Scott’s sister. She is a 911 dispatcher. In a relationship with Merle. Daughter Andrea from a previous marriage.

Mort 58
Manager of design firm works with buddy Joseph. Docks his boat at same marina as Scott. Has been in love with Xenia for years, met her at the dock when she was with her brother. Sought out spiritual guidance from Michelle, the shaman.

Bill 45
Married to Carolyn. Manages design firm with Scott. Craig is his son, Brandie is his daughter from previous marriage.

Carolyn 55
Married to Bill. Laura is her daughter from previous marriage. Brother Frank. Teaches Tai Chi. Rebecca2, Mikaela, and Brandie are former students. Michelle is her spiritual counselor.

Greg 49
Savvy’s uncle. Provides for Savvy, as her father left a few years ago in order to join the Peace Corps in Belize. Back in college for his nursing degree.  Michelle is his spiritual counselor.

Frank 55
Computer programmer for Adobe. Married to Laurie, has 2 daughters Erika and Amelia. Carolyn’s brother. 

Laurie 56
Food critic. Frank’s wife. Erika and Amelia’s mom.

Merle 31
In a relationship with Xenia. Works in design firm with Mort and Joseph. Teaches photography. Rebecca1 is a former student.

Joann 26
Scott’s daughter. Best friends with Laura and Gabriella.

Laura 19
Best friends with Gabriella and Joann. Carolyn’s daughter.

Gabriella 21
Is a freegan. Library security guard in rare books section. Best friends with Laura and Joann. In a relationship with Amelia. Devin’s sister.

Amelia 19
In a relationship with Gabriella. In secret adobe cult. Erika’s sister, Laurie and Frank’s daughter.

Craig 25
Brandie’s brother. Bill’s son. Is in love with Andrea, tattoo of her name. Ben is his ex boyfriend.

Andrea 20
Xenia’s daughter. The object of Craig’s affection. Went on Scott’s (her uncle) boat and met Craig but when they shook hands, he was so nervous he gave her a limp handshake, which she has a fear of.

Brandie 19
Craig’s sister, Bill’s daughter. Carolyn’s former Tai Chi student. Best friends with Savvy, Rebecca2 is her ex girlfriend. Her and her best friend Savvy have a dance number in the Starbucks play written by Erika, produced by Rebecca1.

Savvy 18
In a relationship with Ben. Her and her best friend Brandie have a dance number in the Starbucks play written by Erika, produced by Rebecca1.

Ben 19
In a relationship with Savvy. LJ’s brother. In the secret adobe cult, secretly. Craig is his ex boyfriend.

LJ 22
Ben’s sister. In a relationship with Rebecca2. Draws celebrity portraits. Famous for her Minnie Driver portrait painted in soy sauce.

Rebecca(2) 21
In a relationship with LJ. Brandie’s ex-girlfriend. They met in Carolyn’s Tai Chi class. Aleks’s sister.

Kate/Katie 21
Kate, a security guard, suffers from a multiple personality disorder and on occasion becomes “Katie”. When she is Kate, she is dating Aleks, and when she is Katie, she is dating Alex. They are unaware of her disorder and she is unaware that she has 2 different boyfriends. As Katie, she parties a lot and has an obsession with Dawson’s Creek and as Kate she enjoys fine cuisine and dinner parties as well as recreational crafts.  Michelle is her spiritual counselor. Jessica’s sister.

Aleks 21
Rebecca2’s brother. In a relationship with Kate.

Alex 24
A budding actor who is dating “Katie” and is unaware of her disorder or of Aleks. Mikaela’s brother. Has a role in the Starbucks play written by Erika.

Erika 21
Amelia’s sister. Laurie and Frank’s daughter. A Playwright, most recent play is about the life of a starbucks barista, and it is currently being produced by Rebecca1.

Brittany 19
Set designer and unofficial photographer in the Starbucks play written by Erika. Merle’s former student.

Jessica 22
Kate’s sister. Crushes on Craig. Actress in the play, lead role of barista.

Rebecca(1) 23
Producing a play written by Erika.

Devin 21
A waiter at a Chinese restaurant. Gabriella’s brother, Aaron’s boyfriend. Member of the secret adobe cult. Michelle is his spiritual counselor.

Aaron 22
A fellow waiter at the Chinese restaurant who is also a “fluffer” on the side. Devin’s boyfriend. Wanted for questioning about several flight attendant murders.

Mikaela 20
An actor like her brother, Alex. Former student of Carolyn’s. In Starbucks play, role of angry customer.

Michelle 61
A shaman and spiritual advisor for Devin, Mort, Carolyn, and Kate.


*The Adobe cult worships the god Frances Conroy Stephen Vladimir Kipin