Greg's inbox
From: Michelle
To: Greg
Time: 7:29pm
Subject: Re: panic

Hello Greg,
I’m going to tell you about the Sioux spirits of  Inyan and Niyan. Inyan is the force of equilibrium, the rocks, and supporter of the earth. Out of this foundation, Wakan Tanka created Niyan, the Human spirit, and the higher self. Man is both Inyan and Niyan, both a spirit that soars like the eagle and a rock that guides the water.
Greg, you must remember not only to seek guidance through me but also seek guidance within your own self. Because of where Niyan, the spirit came from, you have all the support inborn within yourself. Only with meditation and self -reflection will Tob Tob, the wisdom bear, emerge. Do not think of love as something that needs to be returned, it has no conditions. You love your mother, and your niece, when you realized that you loved them did you ask them for anything in return?
We will talk Thursday,