Kate's inbox
From: Aleks
To: Kate
Time: 1:07pm
Subject: Hey hon

Dear Kate:
Hey darling, I’m at the library right now going over some research stuff and decided to drop you a note. You know, last night when I called you sounded drunk and you never drink and then I called you back and some guy named Alex answered the phone and hung up on me, I’m sort of worried about you. Is there something wrong? What’s going on? Who is that Alex kid? OH! I almost forgot to tell you that the play I am directing is going to be performed this Saturday, the committee just approved it, I’m very excited about it and hope that you could come with me to see it. Please give me a call when you get this I’ve been trying to reach you all day and you won’t pick up, anyway please give me a call I’ll be in the library all day today, we should talk about it. Anyways, I’ll see you.