Laura's inbox
From: Joann
To: Laura
Time: 1:17pm
Subject: missed call

How are you? I know I missed your call; I just got done with my weekly cleansing ceremony. I feel so much better now; I’m really surprised my Dad finally figured out what to get me for my birthday, he got me like a whole bushel of sage! It should last me a few months at least. Well, I’m heading over to the library; Gabriella is on, so I thought I would stop in. We should all get together soon.

From: Carolyn
To: Laura
Time: 5:03pm
Subject: TV

Hi Darlin,
You would not believe what I was watchin on the TV today! Some lady found this missing masterpiece paintin in a trashcan in New York City! Apparently, she sold it for a million dollars! I was just in New York the other day…why didn’t I see it!!! Anyway, How’s Cosmo? He beefin up real nice? How is Terry or Kenny? Which one of them boys are you goin with? You remind me so much of what I was like at your age, its so funny!
Well, give me a call, love to chat with ya, hun.
Hugs and Kisses,

P.S. Bill and I are going to church this Sunday, just wanted to see if you’d like to come along.