Michelle's inbox
From: Mort
To: Michelle
Time: 4:23pm
Subject: Since Our last Session

Our last session really helped a lot. I think I may actually have the courage soon to ask Xenia on a date. That stuff you were telling me about Wani, the four directions, who teaches us life lessons. That was pretty interesting. I’ve been thinking about that idea since our last meeting and its really put a lot into perspective for me.
Anywho, I’d like to schedule another appoint with you. Would Wednesday at 3pm work for you? I can get out of the office for a few hours if that’s a good time. I know you are very busy.
Talk to you soon,

From: Greg
To: Michelle
Time: 5:09pm
Subject: Please Help - From Greg

Hi Ms. Michelle. I’m having some trouble that I was hoping you could help me cope with. I just wonder sometimes why I haven’t been repaid for all the good deeds I’ve done; going back to school for nursing so I can take care of my mother, raising a child that’s not even mine, I mean the list goes on. But I haven’t found someone to love, I’m always helping helping helping, but no one is ever there to help me? I mean, I guess you are there but not like there there. You know what I mean? Well, I don’t know, maybe we can go over some of these things at our next meeting. Thursday right? Alright, Speak to you soon,