Mikaela's inbox
From: Alex
To: Mikaela
Time: 3:23pm
Subject: Hey sis

I need your advice on something. I met this girl Katie about a couple of weeks ago and we are having the time of our life together. But I only see her at nights and only a couple times a week and I really think I love her. The other day when we were out some one called and she got all freaked out and I picked up the phone and it turned out to be a guy and I just really don’t know if she’s lying to me or not. She told me that she was single and she really likes me but want to take things slow. I mean, she won’t let me go to her house for some reason, so we always sleep at my place. I’m beginning to think that she’s just playing me but I really have a lot of feelings for this girl, she is just such a character even when she is absolutely wasted. Oh and sometimes she forgets who I am, it’s really strange, she would treat me like I’m someone else from time to time, for god sakes she was yelling at me for playing too much video games but I don’t even play video games! It’s driving me nuts! Could you please tell me what you think of the situation and help me make some sense out of it, thanks a lot sis.
– Alex PS hey do we have a rehearsal at 4 tomorrow?