Can a simple test create an accurate image of a human personality complete with the delicate nuances of our behavior, our thought processes, our emotional scars and baggage? 

Because the physical element is removed from online dating and other online social communities, people are able to create alternate versions of themselves (or aliases). These may be only slightly inaccurate or completely contradictory to their actual persona...but no one would ever know. Yet most of the time, we trust the person we are emailing, “IMing,” or “friending.”

Are we capable of really knowing ourselves or understanding each other when physical interaction is absent? Or is personality, identity and who we are more than what can fit in the blank?

This work will serve to question the Internet social phenomenon as well as identity versus the alias.


The Project:

I asked visitors of the site to fill out and submit an extensive survey based on those asked by dating sites such as and in order to create an accurate "personality profile" for each participant in the project. Each participant was transformed into a "character" whose traits will hopefully reflect or, at least reference the information they submitted.

However, unlike dating sites like and Eharmony who don't allow anything other than heterosexual pairings, I did not ask sexual preference, assuming everyone was at bisexual. Because no one provided this information, this aspect of the characters' personalities (whom they are dating, crush on, or married to) is completely fictional.