Scott's inbox
From: Joseph
To: Scott
Time: 11:25am
Subject: Quick note

Hi Hunnie,
Mort and Merle just went to pick up lunch so I can’t make this long, plus I have wayyy too much to get done before 5.
Do you remember we have an “adobe training” session tonight at 9?...wink wink. That Devin kid from last week seems familiar somehow, did you tell him about the group? Did you see what he was wearing? He looked like he was right out of a kitchen disaster or something.
Speaking of kitchens, I bought all the ingredients for dinner tonight; you’re going to have curried shrimp and I’ll have unagi nigiri! What a seafood feast! Just pick up some pinot on your way home. I bought it last time.
Oh! Mort and Merle just came back! Gotta go! Love you!



From: Bill
To: Scott
Time: 4:51pm
Subject: re: Greene

Hey Scott,
Just got your email. The boys over here at Wellcomm looked over the folder and had a few edits they’d like to see. I sent you a pdf along with this email of what they entailed. I guess since you’re taking off (or already have) just try to have this finished up by Friday. We can go over it tomorrow at the office. Carolyn got the message and she told me to tell you she’s always happy to help. I’ll tell you, with my two kids being as different as they are, I have so much trouble with gifts and that kind of thing. Her and Laura have a pretty close relationship so I guess that must be why. Anyway. I’ll catch up with you later!


From: Xenia
To: Scott
Time: 5:11pm
Subject: mi hermano

Hola mi hermano. ¿Cómo es usted y cómo es el negocio?  I haven’t spoken to you in so long. We haven’t even played a game of paddleball lately. The next time we play, Andrea said she might join us so you should bring Jo. Would you like to set a date for next month? I’m free on the weekend of the 15th. I can’t wait to go back on then boat when the weather gets warm again! Well, anyway call me, sería agradable oír de usted. Merle sends her love.